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  J.A.G. FAQ

  • What is J.A.G.?

    J.A.G. is what it says; just another guestbook. A guestbook is a webbased application that allows users to leave a message on your website. This message can be read by every other visitor, and offcourse by the webmaster of the site itself.

  • Why should I leave a message?

    You are not obliged to leave a message, but if you have something you want to share with the rest of the visitors, or if you have a general question you can use this guestbook.
    If you have a more private message it's better to use email; most sites have a general email address you can use.

  • How do I add a new message?

    In J.A.G. the topbar is the socalled navigationbar; on the mainpage it shows you on the left "new message", this is a link and if you click on it the new message page will appear allowing you to input your message.

  • Do I need to fill in all fields for a new message?

    No you don't; we respect the privacy of our visitors, therefore you are allowed to only fill in your message and leaving the other fields empty. Your message will than be added under the name "Anonymous". Note that webmasters are free to change or delete added messages, so don't be offensive or use bad language.

  • I would like to leave my email address, but don't want other visitors to see it.

    Make sure the checkbox "show email in guestbook" is unchecked; this way a webmaster can see your email address, but other visitors can't.

  • What does "ip: logged" mean?

    It means that the guestbook is registering from where a message was posted. An ip address is an address that uniquely identifies a computer on the internet. This is built in to prevent misuse of this guestbook, it will not be used for any other purpose but that. Also other visitors won't be able to see your ip address.

  • What are smilies and how do I use them?

    Smilies are also called "emoticons". They are a special character sequence that resemble a face expressing an emotion.
    If smilies are enabled by the webmaster they will be replaced by little pictures; you will see a legend of these pictures and the corresponding character sequence on the new message page. You can use the character sequence, or click on a picture when you are writing your message to insert such a smiley in your message. Note that the character sequence should be preceded and followed by a space or enter to be replaced by a picture in your message.

  • What are UBB codes and how do I use them?

    UBB codes is a term for special codes that allow you to add special markup to your message such as underlined and bold text. It also allows you to add images or links to your message.
    If UBB code is enabled you will see some examples on how to use them on the right of the new message page.

  • Can I use this guestbook on my own homepage and where can I get it?

    Yes, you can use this guestbook on your own homepage, but your provider needs to support the following:

    • PHP (version 4.1 or higher required) - PHP is a serverside scripting language that allows you to make webbased applications. J.A.G. is written using PHP.
    • mySQL - mySQL is a database management tool. J.A.G. uses a database to store all the messages.

    J.A.G. is socalled freeware, which means you can download and use it for free. Follow the link in the footer to go to the J.A.G. homepage where you can download it.

J.A.G. (Just Another Guestbook) v1.14
GNU Copyright © 2003 by crisp